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When I was a child, I often traveled with my friends to the river. Good water-based partners traveled in the water like fish. The water is particularly clear, and when the naked black body is unreservedly exposed to the water, it is not reminiscent of the mother. The clear water is like the milk squeezed out from the mother. The children are bathed in the milk. There is endless happiness in it Online Cigarettes, so swimming in the Qingjiang River has become the most interesting thing for children. I have been there for a long time, and finally my mother found out that the mother knew that we would not let us go again and said that it was too dangerous. At that time, I realized that the river was called Qingjiang. When I first met Qingjiang Marlboro Red, I only felt that the Qingjiang River was beautiful and beautiful. The most leisurely place to work is still to go to the Qingjiang River. Sitting on the squid stone on the riverside, I look up at the General Mountain. When the shadow of General Barman��s campaign was vividly seen Marlboro Cigarettes, people thought about it. Wild and aura of overlapping mountains, as if each mountain is a story about the ancient and young people of the Tujia people. Staring at the overlapping mountains, my thoughts will suddenly open up, and I will give birth to many feelings. Thirsty, drink a bit of Qingjiang water, so sweet! This is the mother who added sugar to her milk. She knows that her children need nutrition and know the Qingjiang River. It is a few years after the storm. It is the first garden-style Gaoshuitou Hydropower Station in the middle reaches of the Qingjiang River. On the construction site, I saw and remembered the old man who could never be erased in my mind. What kind of face is that, the ruthless years are engraved with traces on the forehead of the old man, and at first glance is a man who has experienced vicissitudes. The old man said to me: Twenty years, for twenty years! During these two decades, the only old man who accompanied the old man was a wooden boat that was barely able to cross people. The old man used this wooden boat to pick up and drop off the passers-by in the deep mountain ditch and never pay a penny. For twenty years, the old man is only accepting the gifts of passers-by, such as artichokes Parliament Cigarettes, and Baogutuo. It is purely for the sake of hunger. One day at the end of the 1980s, the garden power station on the bank of the Qingjiang River started Carton Of Cigarettes, and the old man was excited. The old man��s dream of dreams was finally implemented. The old man was also engaged in hydropower work at the earliest. The unprecedented movement turned the old man into a rightist. Since then, the old man who has been a skill and swears to fight for the cause of hydropower in the mountains has
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