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Jinquan's two loud slaps. She spit Du Jinquan's mother's face and stinked, turned away, and never heard from him. Zhang Yu left five sons, the youngest five had just been full moon, and the heavy burden of life was on the shoulders of Zhang Yuer. Zhang Yuer��s existence for the family, in front of the woman, bears the burden He is willing to wear the green hat and be a tortoise. In family responsibility, he is a responsible man. He regards five children as his own. In order to raise children, he is not afraid of hard work and tries his best to let the children Eat a little better, he tried every means to do some small business. When busy farming, do not work day and night, do small business during the slack season, although the children lived a hard life, the clothes are not covered, but they are very sensible listen , Boss second child with a small four children Xiao Wu children Newport Cartons For Sale, do whatever live, let Bala make time to make money, which hardships can be imagined. At that time, the pots and jars used in the countryside were all made of mud. Our team Jiaozhuang had a fire kiln, and the craftsmen made a variety of tile pots and tile tanks. Every day, Zhang Wei settled the children in five or eight. He picked up two baskets of flowers and bamboo baskets, ran to the kiln a few miles away, bought a potted pot and jar, four towns and eight fort, and sold along the street: Buy a pot - sell a can! If you are hungry, you will carry the sweet potato noodle on your head. If you meet a good person, you will give him a tea or a soup. When I first started walking down the street, I was afraid that my ugly face would scare women and children. I always pulled the rotten hat and hats very low. After I became familiar with it, everyone would no longer be afraid. I heard his screams. People are short of shackles, they all come out to buy and take care of his business. Some women also look for some old clothes that their children can��t wear, and a group of mischievous children follow their ass. Shouted: "Buy a pot to sell a can, a dozen two..." He always grinned and grinned. Sold for two years, pots and pots, and changed to sell meat (rabbit meat). There are no tiger leopards in the plains. The wolves are rare. The rabbits are especially numerous. When the autumn farmer matures, the rabbits are flooding. There are many people who catch the rabbits. They have the next set, grab the rabbits, and get the rabbits caught. Set up to sell. The nephew seized this business opportunity and developed a formula. The fleshy meat is delicious and delicious Cheap Cigarettes Usa Free Shipping, and the fragrance grows into the nose. Zhang Xiaoer went to the street to buy the mountain side, and the back of the village was sold everywhere. At that time Newport Cigarette Cartons, people were very scarce and rarely ate meat, especially the children were like cats. It smells like smelling, and when I hear the screaming child shouting: the salty and fragrant children's smashing meat! The children are swarming around, surrounded by a circle, looking at the delicious and delicious meat, sucking hard with the nose. With a scent, the sputum dripping down. Inevitably wrapped around the mother to buy a little solution, put it in his mouth and turn it over, it is really reluctant to swallow, chew, a beautiful happiness hung in the brow, those who do not eat meat will be born Hey, shouting on one side: "Salty and fragrant scorpion meat, dirty and smelly, eaten so that you swear (vomiting) enough..." ���� child helplessly laughed, that smile is more ugly than crying . In the cold winter and summer, my nephew is also a beggar and a mother. I go out to do business during the day. Like a woman at night, I sit under the oil lamp to sew clothes for the children, and treat the children as a baby, for the children to go to school. During the period, some "good people" persuaded the deaf children: "You know that these children are not your own, you are still so hard, tired and tired to give children to feed, but also for them to go to school, you really Oops? Simply give them to their respective fathers, or give them to others. You are also quiet and clear, saying, "I don't care who they are, I only know that they are born to me." At home, all of my surnamed Zhang Buy Cigarettes Marlboro, I call you screaming, watching the children one by one, smart, oh, I can't bear anything, the children shouted, my heart is very warm, very happy, this is enough Since you are not close, since no one dares to admit that the child is his, then these children are after our door, I am their relatives, for them to go to school, it is my responsibility to pull them into the adult, I am tired Death is also sweethearted! Heaven does not lose heart and mind, for many years, the children have no complaints about the hardships of life, although the children have heard a lot of rumors, but in front of Zhang Yuer are still very filial, as time goes by, children They all grew up slowly, and the fathers and sons worked together to build a new house. The eldest brothers and sisters successively married their wives and children, and the days passed by. The children and grandchildren walked around the knees every day, and Zhang Yuer became more and more energetic. The third son Fudan University After graduating, he was the president of a provincial industrial and commercial bank. The fourth son was a contractor in the county. The younger son was admitted to a prestigious university. The president��s son took this ugly ��father�� to the big city and let him be there Free Newport Carton. Quietly enjoying the Qingfu, the old man suspected that he lived in the big city and was bored. He insisted on returning to the four sons of the county town. The old man was still over eighty years old. He was still physically tough and energetic. He only had a waist bend and a camel, wearing a top every day. Long-brimmed hats, and a pair of big sunglasses, pushing the car, screaming in front of the train's square: "cigarettes - melon seeds - coke peanuts -"

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