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 Post subject: Symptoms "dry eyes" the danger of working people
PostPosted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 9:36 pm 
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A very important organ, but people often neglect the "eyes" when we still have to nourish our skin by applying lotion. Or cleaning the body Including eating food to nourish other organs But the eyes are often overlooked. And not getting the attention it deserves Than to turn to take care of each other only when the disease Or have symptoms that cause injury Or affect vision already

“Dry eyes” is a symptom that is often ignored as well. Although it may seem like a minor symptom, but if left unattended. Or solve this symptom May affect eye health And long-term vision

Danger signs "dry eyes"
Burning pain in the eye area


Tears flow

Blink frequently

Blurred eyes

Causes of Dry Eye
The use of close-up eyes such as staring at a computer screen for a long time. Or reading a book continuously for several hours

Female is more than male.

When entering 65 years of age, the incidence of dry eye disease is higher than other ages.

People who wear contact lenses regularly

Congenital diseases such as diabetes, self-allergy Hypertension That requires eating diuretics. And side effects cause dry eyes

Patients with depression who need to take certain medications that can cause side effects can cause dry eyes.

People who have undergone eye surgeries such as double eyelid surgery due to the destruction of the sebaceous glands of the eyelids. Makes the tears evaporate more easily because there is no fat that prevents evaporation. Sometimes the eyes are not closed. Because the surgical wound is still swollen, the first 6 months after the eye surgery often have dry eyes.

In some cases at the sik There may be some symptoms of dry eyes.

False eyelashes Due to the use of cleaning liquid eyelash glue Contributing to dry eyes And makes fat easily clogged

Working age is at risk of dry eyes from using computers And electronics
Using close-up eyesight It often causes 3 times less blinking than normal. Usually, people blink 8-12 times per minute for close-up use, which is too intentional. And the gaze occurred Will cause the tears to evaporate without being replaced Resulting in the eyes lacking moisture and causing dry eye problems

Working through the computer screen It is the use of sight from close to medium distance. Which often requires high concentration and determination Resulting in a gaze This behavior often leads to fewer blinking problems. Plus working in the air-conditioned room Which has dry weather Together with the glare from the computer Is an environment that results in dry eyes easily Especially working consecutively for 2 hours onwards without rest. Will result in dry eyes very easily. If left unattended Will provoke inflammation of the conjunctiva Red eye symptoms show And if the eyes are very dry The cornea can be abrasive or ulcerated. Easily resulting in infection

Usually people have lacrimal glands at the top of the eyebrows. It is responsible for producing water-based components of tears to nourish the eyes to moisturize. There are also sebaceous glands in the eyelids that produce sebum, which is a component of tears. Where fat acts to prevent evaporation of tears Makes tears nourish the eyes longer Both water and fat are components that contribute to good quality tears. It helps prevent dry eye syndrome effectively.

How to prevent dry eyes
Dr. Thapanawong Tanguraiwan, Phranangklao Hospital Eye Doctor Provide information as follows

Avoid going out in the sun Or, if necessary, should wear sunglasses Or hats every time

Always drink water before leaving the house to keep your eyes moist. And to compensate for the loss of water when outside the home

Rest your eyes while using the computer during the day, every 20-30 minutes.

Use the implant regularly to moisturize the eyes. As if applying lotion to the eyes

Eat foods high in vitamin A, such as green vegetables, morning glory, papaya, and carrots, as children suffer from dry eyes caused by not eating fruits and vegetables.

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